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5 Best DIY (Do-It-Yourself) Spray In On Bedliners

By Stella Grant

February 5, 2020

Do you want your truck’s bed liner to always look attractive and protected? Then you will need to go for the best DIY spray in on bed liners that your money will be able to buy. A bed liner is one of the most visible parts on your truck or pickup. When you get the best spray in on bed liner, then it will be able to protect the inner truck bed of your truck from being damaged and in the process, give it a look which is fine.

From the many varieties available in the market, it might be hard to pick one that will work for you well. If you apply a coat and after using it for a few times it starts bringing problems, then you will definitely incur losses and at the same time, it will be aggravating. For things to be easier for you, I have tried to review some of what I think are the best truck bed liners spray in with their pros and cons. So read on.

Comparison Of Spray In Bedliners


Custom Coat BLACK 0.875 Gallon Urethane Spray-On Truck Bed Liner Kit with Spray Gun with Regulator

1. Custom Black Coat Urethane Spray On Truck Bed Liner Kit

  • Urethane spray-on bed liner coating
  • Provides long-lasting and protective coat
  • DIY tools included
  • Over 400 positive reviews

4.3 of 5 stars


U-Pol 0820V-Gun Black Urethane Truck Bed Liner Kit with 726 Gun

2. U-Pol Truck Bed Liner Kit Black Urethane

  • Quick-dry long-lasting bed liner coating
  • Plastic liner impression when applied
  • Nullifies vibration and sounds
  • Over 400 positive reviews

4.6 of 5 stars


Linerxtreeme spray on Bedliner Kit 3 gallon Black with GUN

3. Linerxtreeme Spray On Bedliner

  • Semi-gloss finish bed liner coating
  • Easy to use
  • Free spray gun included
  • Over 100 positive reviews

4.2 of 5 stars


Al's Liner ALS-BL Black Premium DIY Polyurethane Spray-On Truck Bed Liner Kit, with Free Adhesion Promoter and Small Mix Paddle, Great for Rocker Panels,...

4. Black Premium DIY Liner Kit From Al’s Liner

  • Tintable versatile bed liner coating
  • Provides protective coat
  • Spray gun with 5 point nozzle included
  • Over 100 positive reviews

4.2 of 5 stars


T-Rex Black Bed Liner, 2K Urethane, SMR-1000-K8 Truck Bedliner w/Free Spray Gun

5. T-Rex Black Bed Liner

  • 2K urethane bed liner coating
  • Provides rust and corrosion protection
  • Provides weather and sound proofing
  • Over 10 positive reviews

4.9 of 5 stars

Spray In Bedliners Review

1. Custom Black Coat Urethane Spray On Truck Bed Liner Kit

This is a do it yourself bed liner which I am pleased to introduce here so that if you are planning to do the work on your own, you have an option. It consists of two components of urethane which mix together to provide a protective, durable coating to your surface.

The urethane component in the spray on is easy to mix and at the same time, simpler when it comes to application. Compared to some products, it covers a little less but at the same time, still delivers value for your money. When you buy it, it comes with all the tools you will need for the job to be a success.

Once it is cured, the coat will provide the bed of your truck with a finish which is flexible and waterproof, which in turn will protect the surface from extreme temperatures, corrosion, and rust. It is going to reduce vibration and sound while elegance will be brought by its gloss finish.

Beyond trunks and truck beds, you can use this kit on other substrates such as PVC, a variety of metals, aluminum, wood, concrete, and fiberglass.


1. Provide a durable, protective coat

2. It is simple to mix and apply

3. It is a good value for money

4. Comes with all the tools you need to do the job

5. It reduces vibration and sound


1. You will need more to do the job

2. U-Pol Truck Bed Liner Kit Black Urethane

While you do a lot of hauling of goods on the bed of your truck, it is natural to feel the vibration and hear some sounds. But it is important to know that, with every jolt, your truck is getting weaker. You cando away with the jerks by treating the bed of your truck with this particular spray on bed liner.  It is one which is likely going to keep the cargo reposed as it benumbs the noise.

Apart from the above, it is going to protect your bed from abrasion, UV rays, scrape, water, and taint. With the availability of a spray gun, the job of improving the bed of your truck will be done in a shorter period of time.  If you want effectively operate the gun applicator, you will have to direct the air  compressor to it. Then go ahead and follow the step by step instructions which are; you load the gun, shake, and you start shooting.

When it is applied, its smooth finish might give an impression of a plastic liner. And unlike a roll on the liner, it will not peel off after a short time of use. When you apply, it will take the shortest time possible to dry and thus, you will be able to use the truck in the shortest time possible.

It is a spray in bed liner which is a combination of several properties which might just be beneficial to the bed of your truck, making your vehicle more streamlined, easier, with grace, style, and comfort.


1. It will stop the vibration and sound while you do your loading and offloading

2. It will protect the bed of your truck from water, abrasion, scrape, UV rays, taint

3. No hassle of bolt-on installation to protect the bed of your truck

4. It takes less time to dry

5. It gives a long lasting coating


1. It peels off when applied on curved surfaces

3. Linerxtreeme Spray On Bedliner

It is a kit which has a capacity of being able to cover up to 100 square feet without having in any way, compromising quality. It is a product which comes with a formulation which you can be able to use several times on your truck. I included it here due to the fact that it is a DIY truck bed liners

This product offers great toughness, maximum adhesion, and incredible UV resistance. Its instructions are easy to follow and they are written on a single page and thus, it will be easy for you to make the application.

It is a durable product which means, once you apply it, it will give you good results which are durable and quality this is due to the great production and ingredients in the product.

According to the online reviews, most customers give it a 4.5-star review thus, if you decide to purchase it, you can do it confidently knowing that, the previous users had positive reviews for it.

It has a finish which is semi-gloss which will definitely leave the bed of your truck appealing and its toughness also makes it capable of resisting harsh elements and at the same time, maintain a high quality condition  for a very long time.

The other good news is that this product is manufactured by a company which has been in operation for more than two decades. If it is still in the same business, it means that it has quality products and thus, has repeat customers and referrals.


1. Easy to use

2. Comes with a free gun

3. Creates a look which is professional

4. It is durable

5. It is reputable


1. Can be prone to overspraying

2. It is costly

4. Black Premium DIY Liner Kit From Al’s Liner

Simplicity is one of the things which attracted me to this particular liner kit and it might be the reason why you might want to try it out. When applying it, it is straightforward. And the good thing about it is that it is multipurpose and thus, apart from the bed of your truck, you can use it for other purposes.

It is tintable meaning that, you have an option of adding more tint until you achieve your preferred color. On the quality side, this particular liner kit might not fail to impress you. Its appearance is great and is durable and longlasting.

The coating of this liner kit will give you a coat which will be thick enough to offer the much-needed protection to the bed of your truck. It is a coat which will not easily chip even when the conditions are harsh.

It is a product which comprises of three parts, with each part having its own purpose. It repels rust, is protective, and UV light. It is one which is resistant to gasoline, oil and other chemicals. It will grant you versatility, durability, and protection.

You will also have control of the type of color of preference. It is also possible to mix it in a smaller quantity if you want to only spray it in a smaller area. The spray gun which you receive is versatile and features a 5 point nozzle which will allow you to adjust according to your requirements. You will be in a position to control the volume of the spray. The gun has a trigger control and it is easy to maintain and disassemble.


1. Looks great

2. It is easy to apply

3. It is cheap in price

4. Very versatile

5. Highly protective


1. The sprayer is a bit firm

5. T-Rex Black Bed Liner

It is a refinishing product which I have used severally and I find it ideal for the truck bed.  If you are looking for a cheaper option, then this might be one of the best that I came across. Its output quality is not bad at all and given the fact that it is affordable. As per its price, it is a good product.

I found its thickness to be commendable together with its ability to be able to resist abrasion and stain. What this means is that it will be able to stay on the surface for a longer period of time and thus, good value for money. It is not easily prone to chipping.

Apart from protecting the bed of your truck, it is also good in deadening vibrations and sound and thus, increase the lifespan of the bed of your truck.  The 2K urethane which it is manufactured from is known for having great adhesive properties. It will be able to easily attach on the surface once you apply it as long as you do the preparation in the right way. Before you apply, ensure that the surface of the truck bed is clear from dust, oil, and dirt to enable it to cling onto it powerfully.


1. It is easy to mix and use

2. It is highly adhesive

3. It is highly resistant to stains and abrasion

4. It is waterproof and soundproof

5. It offers protection against corrosion, rust and many other harsh elements


1. Not very popular

How A Spray In Bedliners Is Done – Step By Step

A bed liner will definitely transform the durability and look of the bed of your truck. Installing some bed liners is an easy thing but when it comes to doing the spray in bed liner in the right way, it might not be as simple as you might expect it to be.

Spray in bed liners are great due to the fact that, they can make your old truck to look great and your new one to look even better. You might think that the process is simple but the truth is that, it is more than you might think. Below are the steps of doing it

1. Pull The Truck In

The first step is taken by a technician or in this case because it is DIY, you who will spray the truck by taking it to the booth which is specifically designed for doing that job. The booth is one with ventilation which is upgraded, with a pumping system which is advanced to allow Resin and ISO to be sprayed via the spray gun nozzle at exact pressures and temperatures.

2. Remove Parts

The tailgate is then removed from the truck and set on a stand which is designed for spraying the bed of your truck. All other removable tie downs are removed from the bed of the truck to ensure that, they are not sprayed on in the process. You will have to reinstall them after you are done with spraying the bed so that they maintain a look which is clean.

3. Masking

You will have to mask the entire truck. It is good that you start with the line take as it is capable of providing a clear line where the bed liner’s edges are. A couple of layers of tape masking is done which is then accompanied by a full plastic layer which is able to cover the whole truck. The use of the plastic is to prevent overspray on the truck.

4. Sanding And Cleaning

Using a sander, you will have to sand the entire surfaces of the truck bed which will later receive the polyurea thermoplastic elastomer. When you sand, it will create a surface which is rough so that, when you do the spraying it will be able to stick to the bed of the truck in all the parts. 

You will then spray out of the truck bed with air and then wipe down all the surfaces with alcohol which is denatured. This alcohol will be able to eliminate anything which might interfere with the bed liner’s adhesion.

5. Spraying

It is now time to put on your suit together with the breathing mask, turn on the pump and hose heaters. The Resin and ISO are heated by the hose heaters to a temperature which is precise to enable them to spray out of the gun in a liquid from the way paint would.

When all the pressures and temperatures are okay, you will have to perform some practice spraying on a piece of plastic to ensure that if there are any adjustments you want to make on the gun, you do so before starting to spray the bed of your truck.

The gun works in such a way that, the resin, which is the black substance and the ISO  which is the adhesive substance, are in separate hoses direct from the gun. When they reach into the gun, they tend to mix with the air to create a mix which is perfect for the bed of your truck.

After the spray gun is working correctly, you will then spray it in the exact series that you want to. When you are doing the first coat, the tech is normally close to the truck surface with the gun about 2-3 feet away. When you are close, it allows a smooth, thick layer to be formed. 

Once you are done with a thick layer all over the bed of your truck, you will have to go back and ensure that, there are no areas left out of protection. The next thing to do is to stand about 5feet to 6 feet away from the truck surface and do a spray with a certain technique.

When you stand away, it will allow the bed liner to be able to dry a bit in the air before reaching the surface, to give the surface a certain texture when it sticks on it.  You will have to do this until all the truck bed has a texture which is according to your standards.

6. Removing The Tape And Plastic

You will have to pull all the tapes after 5 minutes of spray so that, you create an edge which will be clean for your truck. At this particular point, all the other plastics and tape are also removed.

7. Re-installing

You will have to add the tie downs to the truck back with the tailgate.

After all the above steps are done, you are done with the DIY spray in on your bed liner and it will be dry to the touch. But it will be best if you would leave the tailgate down for a day or two and not use it for some time so that, it is able to cure to the truck bed well.

Spray In Vs Drop-In Bedliner – Pros and Cons

Spray in or spray on bed liners are a painted coating, applied in a paint shop or garage using a spray gun. The type of coating which is painted on your vehicle will vary from one manufacturer to the next and from one product line to the next and that is why it is important to ask certain questions before you decide to purchase a drop in or spray in bed liner. You will want to know:

  • Get to know if the lienr is aliphatic or aromatic coating?
  • What is your particular vehicle’s process of preparation?
  • Is it possible to see your paint shop before I do the purchase?

Why would you want to ask the above questions?

Aliphatic Or Aromatic

Most of the spray on consists of polyurethane and this makes them, when the paint comes into contact with the atmosphere, that is when it hardens. But you will find paints that  are aromatic while others are aliphatic. The aliphatic compounds tend to maintain their pigmentation better than their aromatic counterparts. This means that the aliphatic don’t easily fade and thus, more expensive.

I would advise that, if you are not going for an aliphatic painting, then it means that, you will get an aromatic compound which will be cheap when buying, but expensive to maintain as it will fade very fast.

Process Of Preparing Your Vehicle

Since the spray on liners is all about paint, the preparation of the vehicle body surface is very important. If you do a rushed or poor preparation process, then the results might not be good as compared to a preparation which is quality.

Good preparation will include:

  • Ensuring that you strip your vehicle to the bare metal or primer using a sander or grinder.
  • Clean the surface which is newly sanded or grounded
  • You can use a chemical cleaner in addition to sanding and grinding process
  • Mask the grounded area carefully to avoid overspraying the back of your truck

Spray In Bed Liner


  • When applied correctly, it looks great
  • You are free to spray the coating in whichever place you want as long as you have prepared it.
  • The texture of the surface will keep the cargo from sliding.


  • The factory paint is destroyed meaning your truck’s corrosion warranty is invalidated  on the spray in coating parts
  • When doing the spray in, it has to be done in a professional manner, extraordinarily careful and attentive to details otherwise, the results might be destructive.
  • The warranties of spray in liners are not that good
  • There are no protections for dings and dents from cargo unloading and loading.
  • Depending on the features and the type of liner installed, it might be expensive.

Drop In Bed Liner

Drop in bed liners are simple and all you need to do is ensure that you get a specific one for your particular truck.  Most of the ones on the market are deemed to be universal meaning that, they don’t fit the right way and that is why most truck owners prefer the spray in to drop in bed liners.  If the drop in which is universal becomes loose, they are likely to wobble as you drive around and affect the bed of your truck painting.


  • It is inexpensive
  • You will DIY installation
  • The transferable/removable from one truck to the next
  • Your bed will be protected from dings and dents by the plastic liner when you are offloading and loading cargo


  • Due to the cheap price, most of them have poor fitment between the bed and the liner which can crack with time as they are weak
  • Their surfaces are slick meaning, there is a possibility of your cargo sliding and getting damaged
  • With a poor fitment, it can buffet in the wind as you are on the move
  • Things To Consider When Buying Spray-In Truck Bed Liner Kit

    If you are finding it hard to pick the best spray in truck bed liner kit, then this particular section will help you to identify some of the factors which are important that you will need to consider.

    1. Reviews

    One of the main factor to consider before you purchase spray-in truck bed liner kit are reviews about the same which are shared by others online. You can utilize their feedback to differentiate the possibilities. When you do so, it will be easier for you to determine how one product is better as compared to the next from a different manufacturer. You should pay attention to what is being talked about in regard to the bed liner spray in quality so that, you know what you are going to expect.

    2. Ease Of Use

    The good thing about the several sprays in on bed liners which are available in the market is that you can apply them on your own without having to call a technician to do the job for you. So long as you know the steps to follow, you can easily do it. This means that, when purchasing, you should check out how user-friendly it is and it has to come with all the necessary tools.

    The manufacturer needs to provide instructions which are detailed on how you are going to use it which will make it possible to achieve the right results.

    3. Color Compatibility

    Before you decide which spray on bed liner you are going to use, you have to consider your truck’s color. Ensure that you pick a color which will match perfectly well. You should also remember that the color change depending on how you apply it. If you overapply, then the color will tend to be darker than its actual shade.

    4. Durability

    When you are purchasing a spray on bed liner, ensure that, they will be able to stay on your truck surface for a longer period of time. It should take sometime before it fades off. Even when you expose it to the sun’s heat and other harsh elements, it should stand the test of time without having to peel or crack. If not, then it will be a waste of time and money. It has to also resist dust and stain.

    5. Quantity

    You have to determine how much you are going to use in order to complete the entire job. This will be pegged on the size of your truck.  You need to avoid buying more than what you will use to avoid wasting money.

    6. Inclusions

    You have to consider what the product you are purchasing include in the kit. There are some which are just sold as a spray in bed liners only while others include everything that you will require for the job which includes but is not limited to the applicator and gritting paper. I think the one with inclusions are better than without as you will not have to do another purchase before you do the job.


    It is not an easy task to select the best DIY spray in on bed liner kit. And even after you make your choice, you will have to select your method of painting, surface preparation, protection material buying, and other things. But despite all the aforesaid, it will be best that you do it yourself instead of someone else doing it for you:

    When you want to improve the appearance of your truck to add resale value or for your own pleasure, then the spray on bed liner kit could be the way to go. A truck with a bed liner that is defect free shows that you are taking good care of it and you have maintained it well. There are several reasons which can cause damage to the bed liner from wheel hitch installation to heavy loads installation, to UV damage and other factors. Custom black coat urethane spray on truck bed liner kit is my pick due the great advantages it has over the rest.


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